TikLoader-Web is PHP based solution for downloading TikTok videos without TikTok Watermark on it. Google AdSense is integrated. It is an lightweight and easy to setup script. It can be hosted anywhere starting from simple shared hosting to Cloud solutions

Instructions for setting up server

Following section explains how to setup our solution on your server and configure it properly

  1. Server Requirement

    The server on which you are going to deploy the backend must fulfill the following requirements:

    • PHP >= 7.0.0
    • OpenSSL PHP Extension
    • zlib PHP Extension
    • cURL
    • If cURL is not present allow_url_fopen must be enabled in your system’s php.ini.

    On most of the shared hostings you will not have to take any extra step to meet the above requirements. Above instructions will be usefull for you if you are configuring new instance on Cloud or having any difficulty in shared hosting

  2. Deploying Backend

    Follow these steps:

    • Upload the accompanied source code on your server
    • Simply extract the on your server’s public folder
    • For example if your domain is then you will be able to access the web page at
  3. Configuration

    All the major configuration values you will need to set are in config.php file which is present in root folder of the accompanied source code.

  • Google AdSense: Setting up the Google AdSense Account in out of scope for this document. Please refer to if you are beginner or looking for how to get start with Google AdSense to monetize your website. Our solution is configured to display 3 ad units. Following are the configurations we require to display ad in our script:
    • ad_client: Provided by Google AdSenese when you register your url. Example: ca-pub-25389871XXXXXXXX
    • ad_slot_left: In your AdSense account create an adunit of 151px x 434px. Paste the value of ad-slot here
    • ad_slot_right: In your AdSense account create an adunit of 151px x 434px. Paste the value of ad-slot here
    • ad_slot_bottom: In your AdSense account create an adunit of 967px x 125px. Paste the value of ad-slot here

You are free to modify how you want to display ads in your webpage. We have just provided you the base using which you can modify or extend the Google Ads as per your exact requirement.